What is insurance in black jack?

Gambling games come with various terminologies that every player needs to understand. As a player, having such knowledge will enable you to enjoy a full experience at the casino. Besides, knowing all your options and what you can do to increase your chances of winning, is crucial. This means you don’t bet blindly. You could be new or an experienced player, but no one can master all the terms at once. This makes it necessary to keep learning and practising as you continue playing. To help you on your journey, we have put together helpful information answering the question of what is insurance in blackjack? Read on to find out how and when to take advantage of this side bet to redeem your money.

What is insurance in black jack

Insurance in blackjack refers to a special bet offered to the player when the dealer’s top card is an ace. When you opt for the insurance blackjack, you get the chance to wager half of your first bet. You cannot bet more than half of the amount you wagered on the blackjack hand. If the second card of the dealer is a king, jack, ten or queen, he obtains a blackjack. This way, you win your insurance bet. It is possible to win the side bet and lose the main hand. In this case, you win even money. In case the insurance bet loses, the game continues as per normal rules. However, a lost insurance bet doesn’t affect the outcome of other bets.

  • What is insurance in blackjack?
  • How does insurance in blackjack work?
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How Does Blackjack Insurance Work?

What you are doing when you take insurance is wagering that the dealer will obtain a blackjack. The dealer communicates the option of this side bet to players at the table. When playing online, you will see a pop-up button announcing the availability of blackjack insurance. Upon winning this insurance bet, you are paid twice for every amount bet. For instance, let’s say your original blackjack hand bet was £10. You are given 19 and realize the dealer has an ace as their top card. Then you can bet £5. If their other card is 10, this ties your both hands making you lose the original bet. However, you win the insurance bet and take home £10 – twice the amount of your insured bet.

When Can You Take Insurance?

When Can You Take Insurance?It is important to tread carefully when considering insurance in blackjack. You cannot wager your money on the side bet blindly as many players have proven that insurance bets end up costing you more in the long run.

If you must take insurance, make sure you are counting. The odds that the dealer will make a blackjack are approximately 9-4. This means that you are likely to lose in insurance bet than win.

But if you are an expert card counter and can keep track of ten-point cards remaining on the deck, you can comfortably place your insurance bet. Your chances of winning are high if the remaining 10 cards are many.

This trick works only in a live casino since it’s hard to count online.

What are Your Chances of Winning?

It is difficult to determine the exact probability of winning an insurance bet. This is because the odds are not always the same. The probability is influenced by the 10 mark cards remaining and the number of decks you are playing on. For online players, it becomes hard to determine how many 10-mark cards have been dealt with players since the reshuffling of cards occurs at every single hand. Also, the higher the number of decks in use, the lower the probability. For instance, the house edge for the side bet when gaming on a single deck is 5.8%. This value increases by up to 7.5% when gaming on an 8-deck casino. So, what does insurance mean in blackjack for an inexperienced player? It means you might end up losing money.

  • Blackjack insurance is a bet that the dealer will have a blackjack
  • You may end up losing in the long run
  • Use maths to determine your chances of winning

What Are The Insurance Blackjack Rules?

For you to do everything right and increase your odds at winning the insurance bet, you need to understand the implications of your choices. This is why you need to master the blackjack insurance rules before considering this side bet. Now, as mentioned earlier, the winning payout is 2:1 and you are required to wager half of the amount placed on the blackjack hand. In case the dealer and player have a similar outcome, i.e. 21, this is called a push. Some casinos will call this a tie for the dealer but others opt to refund the player the wagered money. Think of it as a scenario where the hand didn’t happen. If the dealer does not end up with a blackjack, the insurance is lost. For more information about blackjack rules etc, click here.

What About The Option of Surrender?

Surrendering is an option available in some blackjack games. The rules at casinos with this option can be varied. However, it basically means that players can give up their hand when the dealer is checking for blackjack. Surrendering will, therefore, cost them half of the original bet. It can be an early surrender or late surrender. In early surrender, players throw in their hand before the dealer checks to confirm the blackjack card. Players need to note that this is no longer a very common form of surrender or option. Late surrender is common and occurs after the dealer discovers that blackjack doesn’t exist especially in games where he or she is not allowed to peek. A surrender where there is blackjack insurance can lead to an interesting negotiation between the player and the casino.


The choice of whether to take the insurance bet or not is based on the playing conditions. However, if done right, insurance is prone to advantageous play. The most important thing is to study the decks properly and only make this move when you have higher chances of winning. Of course, this advice seems more suitable for advanced card-counters who can tell how many 10s are still going around the decks. However, if you are playing American blackjack games where there is usually a “hole card” that the dealer can “peek” to check their blackjack card, you can always decide based on their reaction. Just avoid taking the insurance bet as an extra hedge. You will still need to take risks even with the option of blackjack insurance.