Video Blackjack – Strategies & Charts

If you are a fan of table games, then you might agree with us that blackjack is one of the most interesting table games. Gone are the days when players rush down to land-based casinos and even stay in long queues before they can play casino games. Online casinos feature different variations of video blackjack games in their game lobby and you can play these games even on your mobile devices. Winning on blackjack games involves a combination of luck and strategy, and this article will discuss some of the popular blackjack strategies.

Video Blackjack

Before we discuss video blackjack strategies, we suggest that you join any of our recommended casinos that allow you to play blackjack demo versions. Doing so will allow you to test out these strategies for free and whenever you are ready you can start playing the game for money. Even if you haven’t played blackjack before, playing the game in demo mode can be a great way to learn. Professional players can also use demo modes to understand the difference between each variant and how to apply the right strategies. That being said, let us now begin our discussion on blackjack strategies.

  • Blackjack comes in different variants
  • You can play blackjack in free mode to understand how the game works.

Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack StrategiesWhen playing blackjack, you are always faced with decisions on whether to stand, split or double-up.

One video blackjack strategy to always remember is never to split a pair of tens or fives. When you hand contains a pair 10s valued at 20, you may feel tempted to split hoping you will get an ace.

The probability of that happening is usually little, so it is always better to have both cards together. Another strategy is to always stand when you have a hard 17 or more since your chances of bursting are higher.

Using Blackjack Strategy Charts

A video blackjack strategy chart shows all you the suggested moves that you should make depending on your hand. Using this chart gives you an upper hand when playing blackjack, but you also need to consider the rules of the game if you are to use it efficiently. The chart represents basic strategies, so you should try as much as possible to memorize it. No matter the strategy chart you use, you need to know that the chart you start with may not be the one you will end it. So it is advisable to learn multiple charts.

How Outcomes Are Generated

Even after studying all the strategy charts, you may still have to make decisions based on your perception of the game. Since video black jack is a virtual game, it uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to make the output of each hand random. This way, every player stands the same chance of winning on the game. Many casinos also employ a third-party auditor to audit the RNG to ensure that it is not rigged. This is one of the reasons why it is important to play games in a licenced online casino. It will give you confidence in the casino’s fairness.

  • Video blackjack use RNG to randomize outcomes
  • RNG gives every player equal chances of winning

Why House Edge Is Important

One common thing that most players overlook when choosing a blackjack game to play is the house edge on the games. House edge is the percentage of all bets on a particular game that ends up in the pocket of a casino over the entire lifetime of the game. While this may look like it has little or no meaning, it is essential to stay clear of blackjack games with a higher house edge except if you are just playing for fun. As a rule of thumb, the lower the house edge on a game, the better it is for players.

Claim Free Plays on Blackjack

Whenever possible, you should claim free play bonuses on blackjack as this will give you a chance to play the game without wagering your own money and also get a chance to win. However, you should also pay attention to the wagering requirements and other conditions of the bonus in the T&Cs. The two most common variants of blackjack are the American Blackjack and the European Blackjack. Although both have similar rules, there are some minor differences between them. Every other blackjack game is usually based on the features of these two variants.

Final Verdict

It is an unarguable truth that blackjack is a popular game among casino players. It is also one of the table games new players always try out because it is easy to understand and is fun to play. We have pointed out some of the features of video blackjack including common strategies that you can use to your advantage when playing blackjack. We also suggested that you play blackjack games in demo mode before you go ahead to play for real money. Why not signup on any of our recommended blackjack casino today, to start enjoying this amazing game.

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